Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Joe's Valley

Joe's Valley is awesome!  The weather has been great and the multitude of good friends make climbing with a two year old easy.  Everyday I've somehow managed to scrape up several classics and there are so many more I've never seen.  It's nice being in an area I'm unfamiliar with as the psyche remains high and the hardest thing is choosing which amazing boulder problems to climb on.  I've only got one day left and since I don't think I'll send everything I'm already scheming a return.

Dave on Frosted Flakes.  A moderate classic.

Ryan approaching the crux of Anti-Future Plan.  A great high-ball

Cletus on the fun and slopey Ghost King.  Best to climb on this one on a colder day and not so bad when you figure out the subtlety 

Mike on the difficult Mask of God


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