Friday, April 6, 2012

The Last Leg

I'm fast approaching the end of my time in the States.  It has been an excellent 4 months but now it's time to go home.  My last week in the States is unlikely to hold any climbing as I'll be saying the final goodbyes and preparing for the return to Sweden.  A little rest is probably for the best as I left Joe's Valley on the verge of a physical breakdown with an injured finger, throbbing elbows and achy knee.  Getting older is rough as I guess I'm not meant to climb every day.

All-in-all the trip was great.  I managed to maintain motivation at the old stomping grounds (Hueco and Bishop) and I visited some new areas (Black Mt, Joe's Valley) that had me running around like a chicken with my head cut off.  I seem to be in great shape as throughout the trip I managed to tick off old projects and make quick work of many new ones.  I just hope things go as well for me back in Sweden.

Our little family continued to dial in the van life as it only gets easier the more we do it.  Hammie is becoming more self-sufficient and is an absolute joy to have out at the boulders, and Lina and I get closer and closer to finding the perfect balance of climbing.  For the most part the weather was very cooperative and made for lots of climbing and comfortable camping.

The biggest downer of the trip actually happened in Sweden as Lina broke her foot upon her return home.  She left the States in her best shape in years but now has 6 weeks in a cast and the subsequent rehab.  We'll try to maintain fitness and climbing motivation in the coming months.

For the time being Hammie and I have 6 days left to soak up as much freedom as possible before heading home.  Good times.

 The open road

 Our winter home

An apple fritter as big as your head for 75 cents.  The price of freedom and a ticket for type 2 diabetes 

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