Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Juniper Canyon and the incredible Stand and Deliver

One of the days I was in Vegas we rallied a small crew to head up Juniper Canyon.  I'd been wanting to check out Juniper since last year but had difficulties finding willing partners as tales of an epic hike deterred most suitors despite the promise of one the "countries best problems".  We'll I kept hearing about how amazing this problem was so our intrepid group decide to make the hike with our primary goal Stand and Deliver.  We discovered that not only was the hike not that bad but the Stand and Deliver would have been well worth walking twice as far.

The promise of Stand and Deliver had me so transfixed that I actually took a rare rest-day before going up Juniper Canyon just to give me a better chance of sending.  I was not disappointed as it is truly an amazing problem.  And Juniper Canyon had plenty more to offer as the Cubical was another amazing problem and we discovered a couple super projects.  Guess I'll have to make that hike again.

 Lisa on Stand and Deliver

 One of the projects I'd like to go back for.  I didn't get a picture of the other project

 Jason on the Cubical

Tom on the Cubical

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Anonymous said...

Sooo many nice problems!! Would like to have those blocks here!!