Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Joshua Tree's Geology Tour Road

Geology Tour Road was the one area in Joshua Tree I had never managed to check out during my brief stopovers through the years.  It was said to contain a few of J-Trees best problems and provided a reason to spend a day back in the quartz monzonite playground.  Excited to see a new place, I borrowed a bouldering guide and checked out every noteworthy problem listed in Geology Tour Road.

As per usual in J-Tree, you have to sift through lots of choss to find the gems but those that enjoy exploring will certainly appreciate the potential.  Unfortunately I didn't have time to do too much exploring of this mostly underdeveloped sector and spent the day chasing stars from the guide.  It was a good day and I now have a few more problems to recommend to friends heading to J-Tree.

If J-Tree had more problems like Y2K then I'd probably spend more time there

 Prairie just getting started on the classic highball Slashface.

Prairie on Pinched Loaf, which is officially added to my list of J-Tree favorites 


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