Saturday, January 7, 2012

Jump for Joy

My sister Prairie and I jump for joy in Black Mountain.  Looks like one of us needs to work on flexibility


Anonymous said...

Haha. Sweet picture! So when are you coming home?

Kim said...

Yes, tell Prairie to do some stretching!

Had breakfast with your girls again this morning, I have the cutest pic of Hammie with blueberry smoothie all over her face :)

Hope everything is well!

walkerkearney said...

man i miss my girls. fortunately they'll be here soon. yeah!!

and i think i'll avoid sweden until the weather there improves.....april sounds good.

DRAWSE said...

hey its andrew from hueco. I am in the LA area till sunday or so. let me know if you want to climb.

Anonymous said...

Don't you miss your boys as well?


walkerkearney said...

hey andrew
we plan to go to the temporal boulders tomorrow. send me an email with your phone number