Saturday, March 12, 2011

Some Pictures from Font

It's hard to overstate how good Font is.  I find it hard to describe without using superlatives so I'll just go ahead and say it....Font is the best.  Quality, quantity, variety, setting, style and history rival anywhere else in the world making this place second to none.  I find it hard to believe there are boulderers that don't like the place but they do exist.  I guess the weather can be tricky and number-chasers can only fall off 6a slabs so many times before they write of the whole area.  So it goes.  For those who have never been climbing in Fontainebleau I suggest you do yourself a favor and book a trip.

Here are a few more pictures from our first day.

Luke trying Alta

Peter looking dreamily at his next hold 

Lina finding balance

Lars on the tricky el Poussah

Lina getting used to slopers

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