Tuesday, March 15, 2011

No Rest-days for the Weary

With so many different areas and amazing problems of all difficulties it is hard to take an off day in Fontainebleau.  It is odd to look forward to rainy weather but the forced rest is often just what the doctor ordered as I lack the will power to not climb every day possible.  Fortunately, the quality of life when you're not climbing is exceptional as staying in a gite (small vacation homes you can rent all over France) with good friends and drinking an abundance of wine always makes for a good time.

Today will be only the second day in a row of climbing but 5 of 6 days on in total and it doesn't look like we'll be resting anytime soon as the forecast is fantastic.  I'm sure in a couple days I'll be hoping for rain.

Here's a few non-climbing pictures.

Luke and Chris hoping for an off-day

Maybe you can love Font too much

Hammie helps gather firewood for an evening around the fire

Chris gets a sausage lesson from the two French sausage girls



Anonymous said...

No rain, please... We arrive in font on Saturday. How long are you staying?
/Magnus N (& Helena)

walkerkearney said...

the weather looks great. i fly back to sweden on the 24th. hope we can link up down here