Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Countdown to Fontainebleau

In one weeks time I'll be in Fontainebleau sipping wine, eating cheese and falling off sandstone boulders.  It will be Hammie's first time in France and a sort of anniversary for Lina and I as it was six years ago in that magical forest that we first kissed.  We will be meeting up with good friends and while we hope for good weather we can always fall back on 1euro bottles of wine.

Here are a few pictures from March of 2005.

 Tina learns what Font is all about

 Kalle crimping on La Baleine

 James circuiting 

 The late Mike Tucker.  Dearly missed.  Wish we could have had another trip.

Colin on a real gem we brushed up, fa'ed, and christened Jon Check  

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