Thursday, March 17, 2011

Down in the Dumps

I feel for Lars.  A few days ago while trying one of his projects he felt one of those infamous sensations shoot down his finger and forearm.  While Lars did the prudent thing and stopped climbing for the day it was safe to say he wouldn't be ready to crank in the morning.  Now a few days later Lars is feeling out the finger and climbing easy things but nothing is more frustrating then being surrounded by thousands or great rock climbs and unable to try most of them.  It is heartbreaking to see him stare dejectedly into space while stroking his finger.  I'm hoping for a miraculously recovery.  

Lars stabs the pocket on Sale Gosse that did the damage

I guess it's time to bring alcohol to the crag


adam wood said...

hey walker, hope your having fun in font. got those shots i took of you and prarie at kraft here; see you down the way, adam

walkerkearney said...

thanks adam
looking forward to the next time our paths cross