Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pie Feastival

If you come to a Pie Festival you better bring an appetite. The gorging began the second we arrived to Pie Town just past midnight as pie was waiting for the weary international travelers. From there on out it was a constant flow of deliciousness from the traditional spaghetti feast and smashed Jersies to BBQ ribs and Navajo tacos. Good times.

My dad's famous "smashed Jersey" sandwiches

David preparing his "man pie". Meat is gooooooooood

My old man preparing a spaghetti feast that will feed roughly 150 people

Pie was of course the main attraction. I reckon I sampled over 20 different pies in 3 days and my mom further solidified her status as pie queen.

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Jeppe said...

Awe. Best post ever!