Sunday, September 19, 2010

Flagstaff, AZ

Lina is on her way back to Sweden while Hammie and I have another week in the States. The plan is for Jason to join us for a trip to Flagstaff for some limestone roofs and visiting friends. We actually just came from Flag as we rolled up there for a few days after Pie Fest and before dropping off Lina at the airport. We'll see how it goes without Lina but if there is one place that it's possible to climb heaps with an infant it is Flagstaff. Hope Lina enjoys her week without poopy diapers and early morning.

Here's a couple pics for a few days ago.

Lisa pieces out Pasty Gangster

David gets confused on Underachiever


rgod said...

Walker, Emily and I will be in Flag on Sept. 30 until Oct. 4. What are your plans?

walkerkearney said...

we'll just miss you. bummer. i fly back to sweden the 27th. let me know if you make it to euro land