Monday, September 27, 2010

Face down in the Muck

The Flagstaff trip wasn't all peaches and cream as driving through the small town of Mountaineer proved treacherous two days in a row. The first incident involved a loose dog and some white trash. The owner of the pitbull that tumbled underneath the Motherload wasn't angry at all, he was actually apologetic as his dog miraculously emerged unscathed. One of his neighbors on the other hand was very putout by the vehicles left in the road while we checked on the dog and decided yelling at us was appropriate. "I've got to protect me and mine". Ahhhhh, white trash.

The very next day we had a run-in with a mud puddle just minutes from where we had hit the dog. After some shovel work we ended up calling a friend to drag the Motherload free (Andy is hero).

Fortunately that was the extent of the hard times and everything worked out in the end.

Here's some pics of the Motherload.

Betsy, who lives nearby, shovels mud while Jason and Hammie supervise

Mud left on the running board

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