Monday, July 12, 2010

Stockholm Trip

We took a trip to Stockholm a week ago and I managed to sample some urban cragging. Jon (aka Bruno) gave me a tour of some of Stockholm's finest and we shed some skin in the summer heat. Good times.
On the way back to Gothenburg we checked out Getakyrkan just outside Mariestad. The area was small but contained high quality rock and reminded me a bit of Värnamo. I managed to climb one super sweet arete before the mosquitoes became intolerable.
Here are a couple pics

Jon on a fun problem that ends with committing hop over the less-than-ideal landing

Jon reaches for a side-pull

Awesome arete in Getakyrkan. This problem alone is worth a stop


Jonas J said...

What's the name of the sweet getakyrkanareten?

Anonymous said...

Har för mig att den heter Meles Meles

Anonymous said...

Meles meles är väl högersidan? Tror vänstersidan heter nåt annat.