Thursday, July 22, 2010

Melby Projects

Been exploring a lot recently. Bohuslan continues to yield 3 star problems every time I go looking (more on that soon) but things have been a bit slimmer closer to home. Still finding heaps of rock but I'm mainly looking for lines that make me get all giddy and unless it's pretty close to home even 2 star lines get passed by. Fortunately some of the better-than-most-but-not-amazing boulder problems keep popping up in the immediate area and provide welcome distractions between trips to Bohuslan. Two such boulder problems we recently tried are in Melby.

One of the problems recently become a project after breakage of the key hold rendered it considerably harder and the other has been passed by because it's a bit on the high side. Both have repulsed our first attempts to grapple them but will no doubt go down with a little more work.
Here are a couple pics.

Peter wishing for cooler temps on the recently broken problem

Peter discovers that the second project is hard as well as high

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