Saturday, May 16, 2009


Trying to salvage my weekend after a planned trip to Bohuslan fell through I went back to Vallhamra, a rarely visited area just outside of Gothenburg. I'd established a few problems there a year or so ago and remembered a few worthy lines still to do. It ended up being great as I FAed 4 new quality problems, one of which climbs out a cool triangle feature on a beautiful roof and goes on the list of best in Gothenburg. For some reason my memory had downplayed the area and I have no idea why it took me so long to go back there. I think it's interesting that Vallhamra is barely mentioned in the Gothenburg bouldering guide despite being better than other areas and easy to get to.

On a side note, I named the best problem Hammerstryke after our unborn child. Lina says the name can only apply while the kid is in the womb, but I wanted the name to live on so I attached it to an exceptional boulder problem.
Anyway, here's some pick of the new problems.

Peter on the Doughnut King. Quite a lot of climbing for such a short wall. A good time.

Twister. Pretty unique and super fun.

Peter on Stomach Capacity. This one took a little work and was trickier than I thought.

The other Peter on Hammerstryke. Super good problem out a beautiful roof.

Peter taking the lip on Hammerstryke. The crux is still a couple moves away.

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