Friday, May 1, 2009

Spain Pics: Albarracin

Here's the last installment of pics from Spain. Albarracin is of course the well known sandstone area that has enjoyed a fair bit of popularity. Maybe too much popularity if you judge by the amount to toilet paper you find surrounding the parking area. Regardless, the place is pretty cool and well worth a trip for those that haven't been there.

Jesper puts on his war face

Mario on one of the many roofs

Johan on a sweet arete

Suyapa gets her slabclimb on

David on the recently broken Jabaloyas


Peter Erhard said...

vad heter slabbdynon? den ser grym ut!

walkerkearney said...

i think it's called "grasshopper"

Carles said...

Sorry Walker, but the slabbdynon is called "Mardi Grass" and you can see Jason Kehl in this line on Dosage V.
"Grasshopper is the right line of "Mardi Grass".