Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Pretty Good Off-day

The force went down first go the day after the mini-epic. I then send midnight lightning in a couple tries and was happy to see Martin actually get motivated. Mind you a motivated Martin is indiscernible from an unmotivated Martin. "I'm so psyched," he said in a monotone voice with no signs of any emotion whatsoever. I'll have to take his word for it. He did try quite a bit and is dreading the infamous mantel at the top. Hopefully today is the day.
Yesterday was supposed to be an off-day but I decided only climbing on two problems almost counts as not climbing, especially since I'd almost sent both the day before. Leroy and 6 Degrees both went down first try and very little skin was wasted. It was a pretty good off-day.

Here's a little vid of the force. We plan to put it up on in a few day but until then....


Anonymous said...

grattis Walter! Bra jobbat!

Tielma said...

A bit shorter, please... Hope you're having a great trip!