Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Seeing as Martin is from a freedom-hating socialist country we thought we'd make an effort to give him a taste of freedom by sharing some of the finer parts of American culture. We could have never anticipated the magnitude at which Martin has embraced the American lifestyle and are reeling at the monster we have created. He now insists on driving everywhere regardless of distance and has taken to fast-food 3 meals a day. His accent is reminiscent of southern rednecks and he ends every sentence with "tell you what". He's selling his camera equipment so he can add to his gun collection.
God Bless America

Chris explains the benefits of massive burrito consumption. This is before the transformation.

Skeptical at first, Martin would soon fall in love with swill malt beverages of the 40 oz flavor.

Martin's meals for the next day.

"Tell you what"

We've created a monster.


Anonymous said...

Haha! You can keep him! Too many americans over here anyway.

Katarina said...

this is hilarious! best of luck on your journeys- these pictures are awesome
-your (pseudo)stalker hitchhiking friends, orion and katarina