Friday, December 5, 2008

Life in the Valley

Despite being dinged for $20 on a failed attempt at free camping I'm still in high spirits. The bouldering here is incredible and I'm destroyed after two days of flogging myself. Sooooo many good lines. I'm anticipating the confused looks I'll get when I say I went to Yosemite for bouldering. So it goes.

The nights are below freezing but it warms up nice and they forecast perfect temps for the foreseeable future. It's quiet here and our little 4 man crew (Martin, Greg, Tim, and myself) pretty much has the place to ourselves, but it's the weekend now so we expect an influx of pad people for the next couple days.

I don't know the names of most of the problems we've climbed but they have been of the highest quality. I've already collected a grip of problems to go back to or try for the first time. Whether or not my skin/body will hold up is yet to be seen. Life is good.

Martin on his way to the boulders

A sweet seam.


More Martin


Anonymous said...

hej, jag är inte alls avundsjuk på er..... Hälsa Tim o Martin från mig....
/ lina

Anonymous said...

varför är martin på första movet på alla problem?