Sunday, February 17, 2013

USA Wrap Up

My annual USA winter trip is officially wrapped up as I returned to Sweden yesterday. In many ways it has been a typical season as I made stops in familiar areas (Hueco, J-Tree, Malibu, Vegas) but it was the new places that made the climbing great this winter. I've now got two killer new sandstone areas (Roy and St George) and hopefully next winter I'll be spending the majority of my time exploring/brushing/climbing new boulders.

During my stay in the USA I also got to hang with friends and family throughout the southwest but I generally feel that I didn't get to spend enough time with most of them and there are so many folks I didn't get a chance to see at all.  Fortunately I'm never away from the States for that long and I'm already scheming my return sometime around Pie Festival.  Until then you can always come visit us in Sweden.

Now that I've returned home it's time to start working with the occasional outdoor climbing to remind myself why I leave every winter. The weather in Sweden doesn't usually entice a fair-weather climber like myself until late March but I will of course take the opportunities to get out.  It actually could be good to have a little forced break from climbing as the elbows got the post-winter ache and my hamstring (I tore it in early January) needs to heal.

While we wait for Spring to beckon in a regular climbing routine here in Sweden I'll try to use the break to edit some footage and sort some pictures.  So standby for more posts from the USA.  

Ahhhhhhhh, the life in the States.  

The Motherload served as my home and trusty (mostly) steed.  We'll miss her.

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Anonymous said...

hey walker, i dont know how frequently you check your gmail, imma just check with you to read what i sent ya. the pictures look great. all the best, albin from fabben