Sunday, February 10, 2013

Dalton Wash

One of the new areas Isaac has developed near St George is Dalton Wash (it is actually located a couple miles outside the town of Virgin).  This area is smallish and offers mixed quality rock but a few of the problems are world-class.  Dalton Wash is also awesome for a guy climbing solo with a 3 year old as many of the boulders are within eyesight of the parking and I could climb without always having to drag Hammie along (A short session while Hammie eats breakfast?  Don't mind if I do).  I spent several days here repeating many of the classics and adding a few problems of my own.

Here are a few pictures from Dalton Wash

 Atlas is one of those problems that make an area and has already attracted quite a few folks to Dalton.  It was the first problem I tried when I went there and was so good I did it twice.  Pleasing movement and a good combination of thuggery and technique make this a worthy test-piece.  In this photo Seth tries to get a feel for the toe-hooks at the end of Atlas. 

Milford's Cubical is a good problem on one of the better boulders at Dalton.  This techy dihedral is one of 7 establish problem on a large boulder.

Casey on another great problem on the same boulder as Milford's Cubical.  This problem and the arete to the left are top-notch but I don't know what they are called.  Must dos if visiting Dalton. 

 Isaac cleaned this new problem above Atlas that proved to be pretty awesome.  It involved big toe-hooks a blind dyno, and a tooth like hold. After figuring the beta Isaac, Seth and myself did it in succession and I think the name was the Tooth of Death or something like that.

 Seth snags a jug and Isaac nearly gets booted in the face.  This problem actually evolved slightly during our session but the "new" holds are solid and make the ending a bit spicier.  I don't know the name of this one but it comes highly recommended.   

Siemay getting her mantle on at the top of Hourglass.

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