Friday, September 21, 2012

Pie Town and Monster Island

So I'm back in Sweden and the weather Gods are already mocking me.  I've been looking forward to fall temps and even convinced my good friend Antonio to come for a visit but thus far we've only been rained out.  Such is the nature of Sweden.  One perk the bad weather has afforded me is time to sort some pictures and videos from the trip to the States.  Not sure if looking at footage from drier climates is the way to calm my nerves but it certainly keeps the motivation high.  Here are some pictures from Pie Town.

 Matt, a toe-hook master, on an awesome new roof.  I somehow overlooked this one for year and have Ryan Silven to thank for having the vision.  He did all the work of brushing and finding the beta but barely missed sending before he left.  I went back a couple days later and nabbed the fa but acknowledge that Ryan should get most credit for this one.  I called the problem Cookie Monster to appease an adorable 2 year old. 

Matt got close and helped refine the beta on Cookie Monster

Antonio on Christian Therapy (better know as Prince of Pie Town), an obscure problem that sits off by itself.

No sense in going to Pie Town if you're not going to stuff your face


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