Friday, July 20, 2012

Orust Rail Project

Several years ago I tried an amazing Rail Project on Orust.  Back then I decided it was a bit too hard but recently I decided to have another crack at it (I'd like to think I'm a better/stronger climber now).  Daniel and I went there early one morning and it was just as stunning as I remember it.  Unfortunately it is still very hard (or I'm just weak) and got a bit harder when the one suspect hold (and only real jug on the problem) came off.  It definitely still goes but it'll have to wait until I'm stronger or some mutant comes down for a try.

Daniel contemplates the Rail Project

Almost doing the move to the jug.  Moments later I was boosted to the jug and an audible cracking sound warned me of impending doom.  A couple light tugs from the safety of the ladder would relieve the route of it's only jug.

The bottom of the scare is now a "decent" sloper and the right side is a good sidepull/undercling.  I thing that getting into this undercling will be harder but then make the next move easier than before (got to look on the bright side).

The jug that was nice enough to not crack my skull open.

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Anonymous said...

Was this the place were you lost a chalkbag now a deep crack?