Thursday, July 12, 2012

FA's near Kungälv

Last week Aleksej and I went to try some lines I had found during previous explorations.  It ended up being quite a productive day as 3 sweet problems were established and a couple more projects got bushed up.

 Aleksej on his crack problem

 Aleksej on the perfect rock of Upper Deck

Barely sticking the big move on Upper Deck. 

Steep project


Anonymous said...

Looks very nice! Nice find Walker!


Unknown said...

Looks great! Where is it more exactly? I just moved to Kungälv and would really like to find som nice climbing close by!


walkerkearney said...

The best way to locate these problems is to search "Olserödsgatan 128, Kungälv" in googlemaps. The problems are in the woods behind the houses and might take a little walking/scrambling to find but they are not far. Accessing them might be a little tricky as the easiest way is to walk through somebodies lawn. To keep the locals happy it is best to approach from another direction (walk from Karebyvagen). This approach is not far but the brush that has grown in the cleared field is not great for walking. Hope that helps and good luck. Also feel free to contact me if you have any more questions or want to know about more bouldering in the area.

Schmalensee said...

Ok, awesome. Thanks dude! I am living in Askim at the moment so I think this will be enough for a Kungälv trip. If you wanna show some stuff around Askim/Sandsjöbacka/Årekärr/Svindal which I may have missed it would be awesome. There is soooo much rock in the woods here and I have just started exploring it.

P.s. I am a good spotter and I make awesome coffee :)! D.s.