Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Golf Wall

A couple months ago I was shown a low-resolution picture of an overhanging wall situated in an open beech forest with a perfect landing.  The picture was very enticing and I eventually found a couple friends willing to check it out one afternoon.  I was not disappointed by what I found.

The wall is actually situated on a golf course and while there is no danger of being hit by a stray ball there is a constant barrage of questions from golfers strolling by.  I reckon questions will become less frequent as the regular golfers become accustomed to seeing climbers  as the "Golf Wall" holds a couple gems that are sure to attract climbers.  I've now spent two afternoons at the wall and while I've done the two lines that where most enticing to me there are a couple more I'm keen to brush up.  The wall currently has 7 established climbs and the surrounding area offers plenty more.

 One of the steeper problems on the left side of the wall took the entire 3 hours of daylight my first afternoon.  In the end I was able to unlock the beta and stick the crux dyno in fading light.  I dubbed the problem Par for the Course.  

 Sticking the sloper before the dyno on Par for the Course.

 Aleksej on the fa of a nice arete on the Golf Wall

One of the main line on the Golf Wall is a highball that follows a thin crack.  From the ground it looks pretty easy but when you start climbing you realize the holds are worse than they look and moves get progressively harder.  At the end of my second afternoon I was able muster some courage and scrape over the the top of Tuttifrutti.

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