Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New Stuff in Jonsered

Here are a few pictures from one of several new area near Jonsered.  In the one day we were here we established 6 climbs and brushed several more.  

A pretty amazing wall with several lines.  The rock is perfect but the do to the height and slopey nature of the top we didn't establish a single problem.  Next time I'd like to rally some pads.

 Johan on another line on the tall wall

 A cool steep problem with big moves.  I'm keen to go back for a cool dyno project that is just to the right

 Johan fires to the giant sloper of another newly established climb

Finishing off the problems that starts down left and surfs the sloper to the apex.  Good times

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PontusGBG said...

Jeeee...looks very nice Walker! Nice find! Have to follow you there.

Pontus A