Friday, June 22, 2012

More from my Backyard

It never ceases to amaze me that striking lines are still to be found a stones throw from a fairly major road.  This next area was discovered when I stopped to inspect a steep wall visible from a road, and while that wall didn't have much of interest another wall 50ish meters away held a couple impressive looking problems.  The steep face has a perfect starting jug in the middle and two independent lines of holds.  There is no cheating these climbs as the rock offers just enough to be climbable.  After brushing I briefly tried both problems and can imagine myself doing the easier right problem with a fresh day and a little more work.  The better looking left line is definitely possible but feels just over my head.  I can almost fathom doing all the moves but this will probably require someone stronger to put together.  This left line in particular is a real gem and is begging to be climbed.

The area also holds some good slabs on perfect rock and a few other moderate to easy problems we never got around to brushing.  Here are a couple pictures.

 Trying the left project and wishing I was stronger

 From here you will bust a big move left or do some delicate matching to make the move more reasonable

 The right project.

 The first move of the right project

Crimping will be required

Adam on the slab wall

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