Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bouldering in the Backyard

I often comment on the abundance of rock around Gothenburg and the insane potential that is still to be found close to town.  Clusters of problems pop-up all the time as a small but dedicated group is willing to plunge into the underbrush to uncover future classics.  Since returning to Sweden in mid-April I've been unnaturally luck in my personal explorations as nearly every time I went searching I found something worthy (those that explore know how unlikely this is).  On top of that I've gotten tips from friends and all of the sudden I've got almost a dozen areas within 30 minutes of town I'm itching to get to.    

For the next few post I'll be showing just a few of the recent finds.  There is still a lot more out there to discover and most of the new areas still need a lot work.  Anyone that is interest in checking out the new stuff should feel free to contact me for beta.    

One of the new areas I "discovered" on a tip from Martin.  It consists of quite a few boulders under a large wall but there was one block in particular that enticed me.  We only spent one afternoon there and established around 5 problems and I managed to thrutch my way up one of the best looking peaces of rock in the area, calling it Executive Privilege.  There is plenty more to do and a couple super  lines left.  Here are a couple pictures of Executive Privilege.

The problem ends on the sharp arete, which is a problem in itself.

 Johan trying the opening moves on the steep face

 Making the move to arete after doing the crux move on the face.  

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