Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Solklinten on WikiBoulder

A friend of mine created a website called WikiBoulder that seems one of the better sites for posting information on bouldering areas.  My skills at creating topos is pretty limited but I've begun the process of adding Solklinten.  Hopefully the information will take some of the mystery out of the area.  On WikiBoulder I've tried to place the "area markers" as exact as possible and while the topos I've created are pretty rough they should give you a basic layout of most of the problems in that area.  There is still lots to add and I haven't put on any grades (like normal) but the site lets anyone edit so feel free to improve on what I've done.  Hope this helps and I'll try to add more in the coming week.

Here's another picture from Solklinten

Oskar on one great sloper problems on the Puddles Boulder


Ratackses said...

Great that a topo comes up! Check out the system at 27crags.com too =)

Anonymous said...

Hey Walker,

Hope all is well, and you're having fun stateside at Pie Fest (or about to). Thanks for posting on WikiBoulder. If you want, you could also add a little widget of the area on your site by locating it using the Map Widget Creator and then copying and pasting the code that it creates.