Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Better Beta for Solklinten

Solklinten is a large area and that is probably why it gets so little traffic.  It seems counter-intuitive that larger areas deter visitors but it seems most folks don't want to run around trying to find things.  My hope was that people would visit the area, spend some time looking around and break out their brushes when they found something worth climbing.  Unfortunately that didn't seem to happen as nearly all the 70 or so problems have been put up by only a few of us.  So it goes.

Currently I'm hoping to provide more detailed info on how to find the larger sectors and some of the better single problems.  This should entice folks that don't want the adventure aspect of just running around.  If someone has a good program for making topos and wouldn't mind shooting it my way it would be greatly appreciated.

Here are a couple more pictures from Solklinten

 Johan on a sloper project

 The sloper project might have to wait until it cools down a bit

 Another undone problem that has been brushed up


Marco said...

Cool thing.
You might want to check out BetaFlash


Regards Marco

Anonymous said...


Great blog! And great job putting up new lines!

In the area where GBO has been the source for online information about bouldering for 10? years, maybe an too offensive suggestion.

But how about?

• After driving and running around in Tjörn, Orust and Bohuslän, trying to find areas and understand the lines, this summer, I have added all information I could get hold to 27crags. Inked to GBO when and other online sources (including your blog and Vimeo).

Have a look at:

Just a suggestion.

Best Regards

walkerkearney said...

thanks for the suggestions. i'll keep you posted

Anonymous said...

Use Google draw and allow others to edit. Just export into gbo.


Anonymous said...

Check the Sandsjö topo, i made that in 15 minutes. http://gbo.crimp.se/omraden.php?oid=6&sid=28

Anonymous said...

Nice problems Walker! I have been up at Solklinten tjis weekend and haven't seen a person. Seems that if there is no map/topo people don't try to find their way by themself. How hard can it bee to find the lines?? Well I have begun the work of à topo of Tjörn. Will contain ju dress of problems. Only one thing....just we that do new stuff so it will take à while! People are lazy!

And...have done 20+ easier problems so far this weekend.

See you soon Walker!