Wednesday, August 24, 2011


The one problem I've put up at the new area is a tall compression problem.  With a few pads it can be made safe but DO NOT top-out straight up as a sizable block at the very top of the pillar is loose.  It not a big deal if you go left after hitting the jug as that is the obvious/easiest top-out and avoids the need to wear a hardhat and body armor.
 Johan looks down on the pad arrangement under Hardhat

  Johan on Hardhat


Vagabong said...

then trundle that action. come on walker, didn't NM choss teach you anything?

Peter Erhard said...

Är det OK om vi rycker ner det? Eller blr problemet sämre då?

walkerkearney said...

i think the trundling of the block would take a crowbar which i didn't have at the time of brushing. i also felt it was unnecessary as the holds naturally lead the climber around to the left, avoiding the block all together. if someone wants to pry loose the block it is ok with me as long as the block isn't left in the middle of an already sub-par landing.