Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Solklinten Goodies: Stallone Area

When entire areas are going up I find it difficult to apply names to all the problems and keep track of what I've done.  I have certainly been slacking as I have only named about a tenth of the 70ish problems we've put up in Solklinten.  Since retro-naming generally doesn't happen Johan and I decided to pick a theme for a small sector we started to brush up and actually name the new problems the same day we put them up.  What better theme than Sylvester Stallone.  Here are a few of the problems that went up.

Johan on the sectors best, Over the Top.  

Sticking the first move and gearing up for the slopy top-out

Party at Kitty and Stud's (the original name of Stallone's first movie) uses thuggery to climb out a short overhang.

Italian Stallion (the re-release name of Stallone's first movie) follow's the arete and shares a top-out with the previous problems.  Both problems will appeal to folks that like steeper climbing


Ida said...

How sweet! And even sweeter with some kind of difficulty suggestion. I do not know why you dont like to give grade suggestions, but I know why I do like them. Mabye just a range like ~6b-6c for us to know if it's worth trying or not, if it will put up a good fight or not. It would be interesting to hear why u dont gradesuggest your climbs. Anyhows, so sweet!

Kim said...

Fy fan vad bra jobbat Walker!

Anonymous said...

Sjukt fett ställe Walker, sugen på att testa dessa nya linjer men det finns ju nästan för många fina linjer ;)
Ida det är ju bara att åka dit och kolla in alla problem, du kommer ju att få en uppskattning av vilken grad problemen håller :)
Keep up the good work!

walkerkearney said...

i'm one of those anti-grade people because i feel like number obsession is ruining bouldering. i also feel that when bouldering grades are unnecessary and actually can detract from the "purity" of just being out on the rock.

that being said, i do think that grades can have a place as a gauge and reference point but they should certainly not be taken seriously.

i'm not apposed to general suggestions on difficulty but feel current grading scales break things down to the point that grades become a focus instead of the simple guide they are intended to be. easy, moderate, hard, and very hard should suffice for "ratings" when it comes to bouldering.

in the future i'll try to give some general idea as to what difficulty i find things to be but one should keep in mind all the subjectivity that goes into a problem's difficulty (body type, strengths, weakness, temps, the day itself, etc..) especially when it's only been done by one or two people.

as for solklinten, there are now around 70 problems and most are easy or moderate (mind you that is easy and moderate for me). roughly around 20 probably fall in 7s on the font scale and there are several projects already brushed.

hope this gave a little insight and i will try to provide a bit more information in the future