Thursday, July 14, 2011

Solklinten Goodies: Go Figure

I've been pretty bad about reporting all the new problems that have been going up at Solklinten.  I been busy finding and brushing countless projects and I quickly forget the things from the day before and never get around to adding them to our local bouldering site.  As of now there are upwards of 60 problems that run the gambit of difficulties and styles and in hopes of enticing more folks to come to the area I'll start reporting some of the gems.  These problems are top class and should draw people out, just hope they bring brushes as there is still lots to do.  

So here's a couple pictures of one of the harder problems I've put up at Solklinten.  I call it Go Figure do to the fact that a figure-4 is mandatory beta (seriously, if anyone can do it without a figure-4 I'm impressed). This steep problem shares a top-out with the Miracle Project and clocks in at around 13 moves.  It took me 3 days to complete awaits a second ascent.  

 Said at the base of Go Figure.  With a couple pads the landing is pretty casual as the raised ground behind you doesn't interfere with the climbing and makes falling from the top a non-issue.  

The top of the problem.  The figure-4 crux is reaching a crimp from a monster jug at the end of the roof section.  This jug is also were the Miracle Project will join Go Figure.

Said adjusts his feet after doing the first move

The second move, and still a long way from the top


Sydde said...

Ser grymt ut. Var en kort sväng till Soklinten i onsdags och hittade den fina Radar vid grottan. TYvärr hittade vi inget annat - förstod att bla Puddles-blocket skulle ligga i de omgivningarna också? Cool miljö hur som helst men med kids i släptåg hann vi inte utforska så mycket. Hoppas på fler besök med guidning framföver.

walkerkearney said...

be psyched to guide you around next time. i'll try to put out a little more information on finding stuff as well.