Sunday, July 17, 2011

Solklinten Goodies: Hostage Taker

Hostage Taker took longer to put together than I anticipated.  The solitary line of holds out the steep bulge had the look of something I'd put together in a few burns and I initially wondered if it was worth the time to brush up.  Ultimately the line was too enticing and to my surprise I found myself defeated after the first session.  The top-out that I thought would be a gimme ended up being anything but and it would take another session and a little help from my friend Said to finally piece out the problem.  

Hostage Taker is big moves on good holds to a slightly strenuous sloppy top-out.  The movement is sustained and knowing the sequence for the top-out will certainly help.  My friend Pontus was there on the first day and posted a couple more picture on his blog.  

The first move of Hostage Taker uses a heel-toe and bad underclings to reach a jug.  

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Nice tick Walker!