Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Super Project

Went up to Bohuslan over midsummer and ogled enough new rock to fill every weekend for the next few months. I reckon the only way all that rock will be climbed is if we move up there. Hopefully that dream will become a reality within a couple years. Time will tell.

This weekend I saw one wall in particular made my jaw drop. This wall and the like are the reason I spent hours on end hiking up mountains and bushwhacking through forests. It's that good and I wasn't the first to try it. Apparently it was first found and attempted roughly seven years ago before drifting into obscurity. Back then it was deemed too high and/or too hard, being dubbed "Omar's Comeback" in honor (or mockingly?) of an injured friend. The reemergence of the problem came about when Hanna and Petter bought a place in Bohuslan and created a climber's campground. You can now pitch a tent a stones throw from the project and then stumble to the barn to lick your wounds. Hanna and Petter's campground is super sweet and it is certainly a blessing as a fair number of pads are required for this one.
I'm hoping to rally pads some time soon. Any takers?

The project

Henrik takes it for a spin

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