Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Back in Sweden again. Austria will have to be visited again as weather kept climbing to a minimum. Like I stated in the previous post we did get out in spurts but only for a few hours here and there. When the weather was good we would usually get just about warmed up when things would change. The following pictures are an example.

A view of the Moonwalk with the fog moving in behind

A few minutes later photos were nearly impossible but we still managed to climb in the thickening fog. The fog continued to thicken until moisture stopped climbing as well.


Feddan said...

Do you have any Organic pads left or are they sold out?

walkerkearney said...

i'm getting a new batch in a couple days. lots of designs to choose from. email me at kearneyjourney@gmail.com and we'll figure out the how to get you one.