Friday, April 2, 2010

A Few of the Crew

The weather chased us out of Bishop a few days early so we headed back down to Malibu for a little r and r. To be honest the break is quite welcomed as tendons and skin are worn near the breaking point and the benefits of sleeping inside are rejuvenating to the soul. Bishop was great as the weather was close to perfect during our time there and the solid group of friends that filtered in and out made things enjoyable. The climbing of course was great and we collected new projects and dispatched with some others. It'll be nice to return to Bishop and some point next year and spend a month or so wandering around in the Sierras.

As for now we are planning the next leg of our journey. From Malibu we will head up the coast to Davis and Berkley, checking out the towns as possible post-doc locations and sampling the local bouldering. The initial plan to travel through the Pacific North West has been nixed as our time in the States has shortened. Instead we'll pass briefly through southern Oregon on our way to Boise and then Salt Lake City. We hope that good weather prevails.

Here are some pics of only a few of the folks that have made our trip wonderful.


Say cheese!


So hot right now



Like oh my god!

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