Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Drifter

The first time I saw Chris on High Plains Drifter I prematurely congratulated him on the send, naively throwing in a "good job!" after he stuck what I believed to be the crux. While I was ready to organize a victory parade the rest of the crew continued to cheer with a fervor that suggested the problem was far from over and I proceeded to watch as Chris punted off the last move. Apparently this had been going on for several sessions and after Chris punted a few more times we walked away from the boulder with Chris enduring our ridicule and planning to return another day.

Fortunately Chris did go back to the Drifter and managed to overcome the mental block that had stymied previous attempts. The send came hours before Gord and he loaded the supervan and hit the road. A good way to end a road trip. Well done

Here are a few pics of the send.

Cruising the beginning

Sticking the move that had spit him off for days

One happy Canadian