Tuesday, April 13, 2010


After scoping out the Bay area we bombed up to Ashland, OR to visit our good friends Beasty and Skaggs. I of course searched the web for climbing nearby and managed to drag my friends out for a couple hours. The bouldering around Ashland was limited but the company was top-notch and I did manage to scrape up a sweet problem that I though would be our warm up. The weekend was filled with beer drinking and endless rounds of a game called Cornhole. Good times.

Afterward we made a brief stop in Bend to break up a long drive East and get in a brief session at a small basalt area. I really like climbing on basalt but I wish it created bigger boulders. So it goes.

We are currently in Boise, ID and will be heading down to Salt Lake City in a couple day. Our whirlwind tour should take us to Joe's Valley, Grand Junction and Fort Collins in the next couple weeks. Life on the Road.

Beasty at the Ashland boulders

The lone boulder in the small Bend area. It may be lacking in size but it packs quite a punch with several good lines surrounding the boulder, surprisingly offers more than just one move wonders.

Lina on a slab-dyno in Bend

Lina crimping in Bend


mattpecsok said...

Very inspiring to follow your blog. Terrific blog/pictures/videos. If you haven't checked out Triassic (a sandstone area near Joe's) or Ibex and would like some company let us know and we'd be happy to show you around.

Check out our blog at matthewandcassie.blogspot.com

jacob said...

love your blog
i noticed that the last time that you were in the fort you had a good time in the poudre. red feather lakes is on the next road to the north...lots of boulders and nice camping abound. it compliments the poudre nicely and is quite a bit larger and of a more exploratory nature.
if you have the time and want to check it out, drop me a line.

walkerkearney said...

glad to hear folks like the blog and thanks for the offered tours. don't think we'll have time for triassic or red feather but you never know. i'll let you guys know if/when i make it to your respective areas.