Monday, February 22, 2010

Vegas Baby Vegas

Here's a couple pics from our brief stop in the land of sleaze a week or so ago. We spent a couple hours at the boulders in Calico Basin and then drove toward the big city lights for a sensory overload. We caught a bad case of Vegas-fever but the debauchery will remain under-wraps. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

The Angel Dyno. What I believe to be the best line in the Kraft boulders.

Lina in the Kraft boulders

Random fun problem

Apparently Vegas is full of hot slutty girls that just want to get with you. That explains the mobs of fratboys wandering the Strip


Ryan Silven said...

'wet dream' walker, 'wet dream'. might be the best boulder problem i've ever seen/tried. black velvet canyon.

walkerkearney said...

wanted to check it out but didn't have the time. i'm told it's not the best place to take a baby to either. next time.

sock hands said...

sik desert stormy skies against the red rock!