Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Trip report and a few more pics from Bishop

So there hasn't been too much climbing the last week or two. Lina's dad and brother are here and we've been winding our way from Los Angeles toward Pie Town doing the sightseeing/family thing. We've actually been having consistently bad weather and I've come to the conclusion that when more than three Swedes get together they start to produce their own poopy weather. Crazy Swedes.

We havemanaged to get a few climbing days in here and there to keep the shakes at bay and because they happen to be cool places in themselves. We made a quick stop at the Kraft Boulders before heading into Las Vegas for a night filled with debauchery (Hammie picked up an addiction to slots and started chain smoking. Vegas gets them early) and we touched some sandstone in Zion National Park before weeping as we drove away without getting to really explore the park's vast potential. And now we're in Sedona, AZ and hoping for a full day of climbing tomorrow. Psyched.

Hoping to add some pics from Vegas and Zion but in the meantime here a couple more pics from Bishop.

Peter on the Motherload Travers

John on Rio's Arete

Noah on Water Sapps


Adam said...

may I recommend Groom Creek boulders in Prescott.. it's granite and it's good and you're only 45 mins away!

walkerkearney said...

i'd love to check out groom creek. i walked around there in the snow once and saw enough to know i'd like to go back. maybe on the way back through in march. i'd be nice to get a tour. i'll drop you a line if i head that way

J. Mama said...

hey guys the adventures look great.
I met your sister in Bishop and although I dont remember everyone claims I met you with Jason Jackson at some point. Either way loving the blog, and wanted to let you all know there is a bedroom at the Canyon if yall make your way up here. It's looking mighty grand with all this snow.