Friday, April 17, 2009

Spain Trip: Random Animals

Before inundating everyone with climbing spray from Spain I'd thought I'd post some picks of something else.
While in Spain I happened upon some wildlife. The mountain goats were a common site on my morning walks and at one point I managed to corner a family and snap some pics. Pretty sweet animals.
The weirdest thing was these caterpillars that were everywhere and formed long lines as they crawled around in search of a place to start their metamorphose. Here's a link with some cool info about them.

Mountain Goat Family


Line up


Carles said...

With regard to the caterpillards, It's more much better if they are far.

If not, you can scracht all your body during one week.

Walker, finally I could not climb with you as I wanted it.
Maybe next time in Sweden or USA.

However, see you to the nex time.

Carles said...

I'm waiting for the climbing picks.

Anonymous said...

Nice animals! So you finally decided to have an animal blog instead of a climbing blog! I'm so exited! /MH

Aeldra Robinson said...

Nice post Victor and good pictures. I think I agree with you – 5 days in Cordoba is too long! I need to go back to go to Granada.

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