Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spain Trip Part 1: Dad Camp

As an expectant father I thought it fitting that much of my time in Spain would be spent with a couple dads and their young daughters. It was pretty bold of John and Fredrik to attempt a trip away from the moms in the firsts place but to expect to get any climbing done seemed either disillusion or highly optimistic. I guess that's were I came in as the general rule is that at least 3 adults are required to get any climbing done when 2 toddlers are involved. The whole thing actually worked out quite well and was a great learning experience for me. It was certainly a memorable trip and many thanks go out to Siri and Hedda (oh yeah, and their dad's too).

The gang gearing up for what looks to be a long day

Father and Daughter. Awwwwwww!

Hey dad you have something in your hair.

In Spain there is no legal drinking age

A constant party


suyapa said...

siiii. IOIOIO It was a constant party.... we miss you a lot...
Hugs and kises for every body

Anonymous said...

Thank you Su for letting us stay with you! I hope we didn't party too much. See you in Sweden?


suyapa said...

Party never is too much IOIOI...thanks for share with us your time.....
I hope we can see you in sweden...

kisses or better kyssar