Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spain Pics: El Escorial

El Escorial is known widely for it's giant monastery but it also home to one of Spain's better known bouldering areas. I spent a couple days there sacrificing skin and hanging in the beautiful surroundings. There is actually quite a lot of bouldering there but one might not find the best stuff if they don't have someone to show them the hidden gems. Fortunately for me I've got some amazing Spanish friends to take me off the beaten path and tell me about the bouldering history and random tidbits concerning the area. Good times.
Oh yeah, technically there is not climbing here.

Rafa tries a beautiful prow. I forget the name.

A heinous dyno from slopey crimps. Name?

Don't remember the name of this one either. Super cool.

This one is called "Cara Culo" (aka Ass Face) do to the expression you get when gunning for the top.


rafa hijo said...

1st one is Largo de aqui, 2nd is El Cachalote, 3rd is Bambule.
Spanish team drink.
un beso Linna
seguimos abriendo bloques para que tengas trabajito cundo volvais...

walkerkearney said...

gracias rafa.
seguro quo voy a volver.
ven a swecia.
abrazos y besos para ti y suyapa

walker y lina

Carles said...

Ya está Walker,
iba a decirte los nombres pero, ya te los han dicho.

Finnaly, I couldn't say you bye, or to the next time.
That week I was to busy with the family.