Thursday, November 14, 2013

Tennessee, Tennessee. There ain't no place I'd rather be.

It's always a relief when you touch down on your last flight after 20ish hours of travelling with a 4 year old.  We had escaped Sweden and were ready for some good southern hospitality and lots of sandstone boulders, only 2 days in and we've found plenty of both.

Chelsey and her son Ezra have been gracious hosts and it's nice for Nalani to have another little person to hang with (even if he's "only" 2).  Generally Nalani's trips with just her dad involve lots of dirty boys so the chance to hang with other kids makes her transition into climbing mode easier.  The climbing has been awesome and my knee seems to be holding up as long as I'm selective with what I climb on.  Now the main downside to the injury is that I haven't climb for so long that strength and skill is now lacking.  No matter as I've thoroughly enjoyed failing and will hopefully pull myself into some semblance of shape before our time here is over.  Just have to avoid wrecking myself which could be a problem with so many great problems.

Here are a few pictures from the first day at the Apartment Boulders.

Niko on a fun lerp dyno.  The rock here is awsome

The Brain is one of the cooler problems I've actually managed to do.  Niko fires this awesome slab

The gem of the Apartment Boulders sits off by itself and alone would warrant a visit.  I'm hoping to return to this one after miraculously getting back in shape.  I think it is called Solaris or Polaris or something like that.  

Greg working the problem.  Anyone actually know the name?


Robert said...

Härligt o höra att knät håller!
Can´t wait to join you guys!

chorvat said...

Hey Walker, I am very excited to follow your adventures in the south!! I believe the "gem" of the apartment boulders is called Osiris. That one is amazing...good luck on it!