Sunday, November 17, 2013

Not all sunshine and unicorns

My primary concern when planning a trip to TN was the weather.  This place is known for getting some moisture so it came as no surprise that we got rained out Friday.  Fortunately the forecast only had rain in our future for 3 days and while I wasn't looking forward to so much time off it could be worse.  The good news is Nalani and I had a place to stay as we bombed up to Nashville to crash in a hotel with Lina and  picked up my good friend Chris to join our adventures.  The only major bump of these forced off days was a night hovering over the toilet ejecting a giant hamburger from earlier in the day.  But now that is over and we can look forward to getting back at it as the forecast is looking up and I'll be lugging a few less pounds up the rock.

I'll spare you more details of projectile vomiting a post a few pictures from Stone Fort (aka Little Rock City).

 Two patties, 4 slices of bacon, 4 slices of cheese and all the fixings.  GBA.  

Max fires the classic Genghis Khan, one of the first problems you encounter at LRC

Niko on his nemesis, Cleopatra  

 Jackie (sp?) feeling out the slopers on Spanky

Max on an awesome highball

The Pinch is one of those problems that might not look like much but the 
features are so cool you want to climb it.  

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