Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Mega-block

Some years ago Spång took me to a massive boulder in Bohuslan and I giddily circled the boulder, spying several great problems and a couple super lines.  That day we brushed and failed on a striking arete and I told myself I'd be back.  For some reason it took me several years to return and while we didn't try that arete (it was wet) or the other amazing highballs we put up a few worthy problems.  I'll be back as soon as I can rally some folks.  Anyone keen?

The mega-block.  We brushed the arete on the right several years ago and I'm excited about trying it.  A little more than half the boulder is more suited to sport climbing, the rest offers top notch bouldering.

The backside of the boulder.

Tumle on a fun roof we did (You can see the roof on the left side of the previous picture).  Cryptic climbing and great moves

Tumle attempting a striking dihedral I dubbed "Upper Half".  This one tops-out on the massive boulder thanks to an adjacent boulder making it a reasonable height.  

Tumle reaching the slopey crimps on Upper Half

This is another nearby boulder with a couple good looking lines


John Vleugels Antonson said...

Nice, I´m keen - soon on a GBO near you?

Anonymous said...

Shit ser über coolt ut!
Hade också jättegärna velat hänga med. Någon helg då...


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