Friday, September 13, 2013

The best of Beaver Land: Forgiveness Wall

Perhaps the best wall in Beaver Land is the one that required the most work to clean the top.  The wall has some of the best rock in the area but a daunting amount of vegetation was on the top-out. Jonathan put the time in to clean part of the top but never got to try the problem he made possible.  I went back later for the fa of what is perhaps Beaver Land's best problem but credit should be given to Jonathan so he got the honor of naming it.  "Beg for Forgiveness" is a reference to to what I should do for stealing the first ascent.  I also cleaned up the rest of the wall and managed to send another great problem.  There are still a couple projects.

Beg for Forgiveness climbs a steep rail before a final dyno to the top.  Here Kalle fires for the top.

I used the intermediate on the FA but Kalle and others have opted to go all the way to the jug.  A great problem

Johan tries the other problem on the wall.  I called this one "the Badger".


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Anonymous said...

Nice find Walker! Looks fantastic. Is this the area around the lake Håltavatten?

/Peter J

walkerkearney said...

Yeah, it's near Håltavatten. It's a sweet place regardless of the climbing. Beavers are awesome