Monday, November 5, 2012

Landvetter Project Goes Down

The blog has been a bit slow lately.  It is partly due to Sweden entering the oppressive time of year when out-door climbing become less frequent but mostly it's because I've been busy/lazy.  Fortunately that is all about to change as I'll be making my annual trip to the States on November 27th. I'm looking forward to basking in the sun and shredding my tips.  Until then I'm hoping to get a few more crisp days here in Sweden to tick off some projects.

Speaking of projects, a couple weeks ago I made it back to a good one I've been very excited about.  The Landvetter project has been high on my list since first laying eyes on it but it took awhile to get back to.  When Antonio was here he was psyched (when the weather was good and he wasn't sick) and we brought a rope to brush the top-out and suss out the the finishing moves.  I was excited when I realized it could go down and elated when I stuck the crux and climbed to the top.  It's a great problem and I hope folks come check it out, but I recommend bringing a rope to clean the top.  It's easy up there (relatively speaking) but a fall from the lip might send you tumbling down the hill.  Dirty holds are not our friend.

I'm calling the problem "Catan" after my favorite board game.  Here are a couple pictures

A view of the boulder.  The arete and the steep face to the right will be good climbs if they get properly brushed.

Antonio gunning for the big crux move.

Antonio working the post-crux moves.  None of these moves are gimmes but are considerably easier than the crux.  It also feels pretty exposed as the ground abruptly slopes away just outside the fall zone


Johan said...

Great send! Nice work!

Anonymous said...

ooh va bra! bra jobbat! kul!