Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Magnetic North

One of the cooler new problems I did in Bishop was an awesome highball on the Grandma Peabody.  Magnetic North was put up a few years ago and I'm not sure it gets the traffic it deserves.  The height deters most suitors as the crux requires a big move off a tenuous heel-hook.  Fortunately a good spot and a couple pads actually make a fall from the crux quite safe and while I highly recommend this problem I don't advice falling after the crux.

 Gearing up for the crux of Magnetic North

Post crux is a few big moves of jugs before a couple easy slab moves way off the deck.  Falling is highly improbably for anyone that can get to that point

The Buttermilk top-out

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Dr. Rally said...

You should warn people that doing the crux causes your shirt to mysteriously vanish.